Mike Quinsey Channels His Higherself June 21, 2019

Mike Quinsey Channels His Higherself June 21, 2019

By Mike Quinsey

The dark Ones have lost the battle but not the fight and their presence is still noticeable. However, the low vibrations that their kind carry around, can only influence those souls that are of a similar vibration, and it is apparent in many of the younger members of humanity.

Nevertheless, it will not have any effect on those who have evolved beyond that stage. The dark Ones are no longer the power that they were, and their aims to take over the world have dismally failed following many centuries of growth. It means that the shackles that have been holding you back have been removed and you are becoming free souls able to take charge of your own evolution. It is entirely expected in the present times and you should now make much quicker progress.

It will be some time before you can fully understand the truth of your being, but it will come to you in all good time. As you journey towards Ascension you will be given much information about your past, present and future. You are breaking out of your cocoon of forgetfulness and it is necessary for your spiritual growth. In the past you dropped to such a low level it was feared that you would never wake up to the truth, but somehow sufficient of you were able to lift your vibrations up and reach the higher level. You could say that the few have helped the many get past the 2012 marker and it is helping others to do the same. As we have mentioned many times, once a soul awakens to the Light many helping hands assist you in making further progress. The purpose of life is to gain spiritual knowledge through experience and live accordingly, so that you increase your vibrations and become more of a Being of Light.

With the many challenges that seem to always crop up, understand that some are important to your evolution and should be carefully noted. Few experiences are without some lesson at the root of them so it is wise to question what that meaning is by looking within. Cleary if a lesson is to be learnt it is wise to try and understand what is meant by your experience. For those of you who personally passed the marker, you should by now be advancing spiritually and incurring little if any adverse reactions. Your experience can be put to good use by helping others who may come to you by being attracted to your Light. Some may personally know about you and your work but others may have been guided to you, so do not be surprised if that happens.

When the Earth and its population have settled down and peace has become the normal state, you will be open to visits from other ET’s who will help you speed up the evolutionary changes. You will learn much from them having been held back for so long. The first hints of growth and understanding must come from you and then you will get help to implement your ideas and desires. You will make progress quickly as you are destined to live on your “New Earth” that shall be of pristine beauty. There are really no adequate words to describe the changes from the old Earth to the new one. It will be a paradise unlike anything you have come across so far, and you will be thrilled by the life energy that exists in everything.

So you have much to look forward to and at long last it is within your sights. It must be so as decreed by the Supreme Creator. You are part way along the path to completion of this phase when you will be rewarded with existence in the higher vibrations of tranquillity and total peace, that cannot be disturbed by those of a lesser vibration. For such souls their time will come when they have accepted God and look for the pathway home, and each one eventually leads back to the Godhead. Since time does not exist in the higher realms as everything is in the now, there is no pressure placed upon those who need to go through another series of trials and challenges to evolve. However, as always help is on hand when a soul becomes enlightened and it will stay with them until that journey is completed. We know that many of you will already be aware of the situation, but may not realise that the present end times are special, inasmuch that every soul is offered the same opportunity to be part of a mass Ascension.

Your many lives have taken you a long way and today you are a versatile soul with many skills that can be called upon to help you through this particular lifetime. Realise that you draw upon your experiences to get the best results, as clearly you need to specifically benefit from those aspects that can help you get through your life plan. Through such arrangements it gets the best out of each generation because progress is “tailored” so that it occurs in increments that carry you another step in the right direction. Obviously in the early stages the dark Ones do all they can to stop you succeeding, but at all times progress is inevitable.

You are emerging from unsettling times so keep your sights on your goal and do not be distracted by outer happenings. There are still pitfalls on your path but if you keep to the straight and narrow you will sail straight past them. Indeed, depending on just how far you have progressed will determine how soon matters settle down for you, so keep yourself in the Light and do not succumb to temptations that will be placed upon your path. Bear in mind that you will occasionally still be tested but at your point of evolution you should be able to deal with it with ease.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.




Era of Light Report For 6/22/2019

Era of Light Report For 6/22/2019

by EraOfLight

Greetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj(KayRy).

All continues to move forward, so we tell you to hold your light. Yes, there are arrests happening as we speak. There are changes to the banking system being made. There are countless of secret meetings going on from the Alliance’ side. And there are major preparations and final decisions being made off planet as to how lightworkers will be approached.

The question that still remains, is it enough, what is going on behind the scenes on the Alliance’s side? Have they changed directions one too many times? Are they being too nice to the Cabal? We will all find out shortly.

Trump’s Gold Standard

Trump has also made a killing as a gold investor. After the U.S. government legalized private gold ownership in 1975, Trump was an aggressive buyer. He bought in at around $185 an ounce. Then, as he’s noted. » Source

How to Make Yourself Lucid Dream Tonight

Our understanding of lucid dreams has advanced significantly in the last decade. Various techniques have been developed and tested to induce. Dreams can often be confusing and blurry experiences. » Source

Open Contact

Commander Ashian: There are millions of ships here, some are the size of planets, and some are very much smaller. Some will coordinate larger scale, formal introductions and some will be much … softer, gentler… one-to-one meetings, on the ground, on your ground, so that you may see us and interact with us and understand that we are, in so many ways, just like you. » Source

Hollywood Sex Cult Leader Found Guilty on All Counts

The jury in Brooklyn federal court found Raniere guilty on all counts in the seven-week trial, including racketeering conspiracy, sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, attempted sex trafficking, forced labor conspiracy and wire fraud conspiracy according to the New York Post. » Source


Ashtar: We need you to understand that the dark is attempting to sway your minds with disinformation. They use social media platforms in order to accomplish this, Facebook being the most popular for lightworkers. But it is not limited to that. » Source

Imagining World Humanism

We share this world with many other life forms that we can physically see, and not physically see, yet these life forms are not included by mainstream science as life forms having sentient intelligence, or as entities that have souls. » Source

Allow the light to flow through and around you. Release all distractions. With this not only are you being pulled up but you are also helping bring the higher light into our world.

In this process there is no going back. We are way past that timeline. You only have two options; be the higher light and experience the change smoothly, or be a lower form of light and find the exit.

Your focus right now should be on NOTHING but YOU. WITHIN you precisely. Dig within until that source of light from within bursts into the open.

From heart to heart, I am Kejraj!

Willies Truth Call “Do you have Questions” Weeknights at 9 PM EST

Willies Truth Call “Do you have Questions” Week nights at 9 PM EST

Leave the drama behind. It only lowers your vibration.

Please,…Come SHARE with us TONIGHT your concerns and ask your questions. Get the FACTS, so you can work on One-self and be ready to service others soon!

Please join us Weeknights (5 days a week) at 9pm EST. Get your questions answered by a respectable and knowledgeable man, Willie Collins from Texas. He has 24+ years of background knowledge that makes up this divine plan and he is here to deliver the TRUTH to you! It is your constitutional right to know the TRUTH! Don’t allow anyone to stop you from getting the facts.

Write down your questions prior to the call. ALL questions are answered as long as they are respectable with our listening audience.

* 6 will get you into the que to ask your questions. No reason to mute your phone. The line is muted automatically. Don’t be embarrassed to ask your questions in this venue. Let your voice be heard and learn the reasoning behind this plan!

If your family and friends question your intentions on this journey, let us help you. Invite them to join us. Willie will answer their questions too with hopes of strengthening your relationship with them along the way.

You will be their backbone when this finally comes to fruition!! Be a friend today so you can be a hero tomorrow!!! Remember, hero’s don’t have egos…they have love and compassion for others!!


Willie’s Truth Call 9:00 pm EST Monday thru Friday



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424-535-9172 and follow the prompts



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Website: http://www.williestruthcall.com

We have Spiritual friends and family who share very inspiring teachings, readings, health and spiritual tools. Don’t miss a call. Exciting times are ahead and the Truth is here for you, feel free to ask your questions.

Kuthumi: Bold In The New Time – June 2019

Kuthumi: Bold In The New Time

by EraOfLight

Master Kuthumi

Loved people, courageous in the new time – that is the motto of these days, and that is the motto that you should put your life in front of.

Courageous in the new time means courageously dealing with yourself. Where are there still unrecognized topics? What are you afraid of, or what fears do you suppress so skillfully that you believe you are free from fear?

Dedicate yourself in the meditation of your transformation to a divine light being. More is not needed today, because the transformation of human society is the result of your transformation.

Stay with your last. Do not judge, do not judge, do not judge.

What thrives in the neighbor’s garden thrives without you, only what is growing in your field is of value.

Courageous in the new age is to want to heal everything that is still sick and to accept everything that appears.

It is of the utmost importance that you understand this need today and that you respond with determination.
The true revolution is you!

The true revolution begins in you, and only in you do the changes that are global in nature take place.

Turn all your attention inside, stay with you and enjoy the life in the now. Enjoy every single insight and watch how you become lighter daily and how the past leaves you.

Future dreams are superfluous as soon as you dream your life daily. Future fears are superfluous as soon as you daily dissolve fears and become a lover.

So these days spend in the consciousness that everything changes on the basis of your awakening, yes, must change!

This world does not exist apart from you! The new time does not come without you.

Therefore bravely and resolutely into it – into the still unrecognized world inside you.


Source Channel: Jahn J Kassl

Q, Ascension, Kundalini, Currency Reset

Q, Ascension, Kundalini, Currency Reset

KejRaj Q&A: Q, Ascension, Kundalini, Currency Reset

Q & A with Kejraj: Q, Ascension, Kundalini, Currency Reset

Greetings! As always from heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj! Here I have chosen to answer some questions I have received from readers. The answers expressed here are from my perspective my point of view. For all answers await you within. Tune in to the light within you.

Q: I’ve read that the irs and the fed will not go away even after NESARA and the gcr??

A: I would say this is misinformation. After NESARA goes into full affect, the Dederal Reserve and the IRS automatically will become obsolete. Only the United States Treasury shall remain.

Q: Can we ascend if we consume meat?

A: Yes, but it would be very difficult on the physical body to hold the higher light while containing the dense elements of meat.

Q: When do you think the landings will happen?

A: This is always changing. However, I will say that the latest open contact will occur is 2023. This does not mean that lightworkers may not be contacted prior.

Q: I read a couple of articles talking about the world moving towards one world currency.. Any info on that?

A: As the GCR unfolds, all nations will have their own currency.

Q: Is masturbation a negative act?

A: It isn’t necessarily negative but not a positive one either. The physical aspect of it, you get a few seconds of pleasure while at the same time your vessel is being depleted of many vital nutrients at once. Not to mention these nutrients are plain and simple being wasted.

The energetical aspect of it as well, you are releasing a very powerful energy, which once again is being wasted. It’s not being shared or used in a way that is beneficial to your being.

Many people turn to this activity out of boredom, while others for pleasure, and or cannot find a partner to express this energy with.

Also as the physical vessel is being filled with more light, this energy is being activated more and more now. So, many people find it difficult to hold this light within their physical body, and feel the urge to release it in one way or another. But if used wisely, this energy can accelerate your awakening. Especially if used WITHIN, instead of being released into the OUTER world.

This energy, the sexual force is a manifestation of your kundalini energy. Now, it would be not only healthier physically and spiritually, but of higher vibration also to sit with a straight posture, meditating and visualizing this energy rising from the base of your spine to each chakra until you reach the crown, and see it it burst at the top of your head.

However, if you still feel you cannot handle the energy, a simple way to calm yourself besides meditation is exercise, go for a walk or run in nature. This greatly assists in allowing the light flow throughout your body.

Q: I’m starting to doubt that this whole global currency reset thing is real at all,. What is taking so long?

A: We have answered this previously. All threats must be neutralized prior to the release of the funds. I would encourage all to not just sit idly and “wait” for anything. Be active, do what you can with what you have now. If not for others, do it for yourself.

Q: How can I bring a higher part of my soul into my physical body?

A: With meditation, different sound frequencies, eating light foods, focusing and working on your 8th chakra, also known as the Soul Star chakra.

Recite the Soul Invocation; Pausing between each line.

I Am the Soul
I Am Divine Light
I Am Divine Love
I Am Divine Will
I Am Divine Design


Q: True or false? The being known as Q is a current US government agent.

A: False.

Q: Is it the US president?

A: No. Q is more than one entity, a few. “Q” however IS in touch with the US President.


Q: Why do humans give away their power?

A: Humanity for millennia has been conditioned to think that it is unworthy and incompetent of basically living life and evolving on its own.

Instead of first loving and believing in ones self, humans tend to love and believe more in forces outside of them.

After millennia of being programed to think this way, this is still prominent even today. And it is precisely the act of giving ones power away that creates the space for fear.

Q: So are we giving our power away by thinking that ETs will save us?

A: Very much so.

Not only that, and this is going to raise some eyebrows, but even calling on angels and other guides for help, in a way you are giving your power away. You’re basically saying I don’t have the power to get through this on my own.

I am not saying that it is bad to call on your guides and so on, I have done it myself and still do sometimes. But it would always be more beneficial if you FIRST go WITHIN.

Whenever you look outside of you for guidance and other things, you are giving your power away. You are creating a crack in your energetic foundation, which may take time to fix or heal.


Q: Why Creator created creation?

A: To simply experience itself as the illusions that have been created by its many different aspects, in turn to grow and expand beyond these illusions and realize a deeper sense of the self.

Q: Should we invest in large companies after the gcr?

A: Of course. In companies whose focus is of positive nature on Earth and humanity’s future.

Q: Does the Universe have an edge?

A: The Universe is an infinite field of consciousness.

From heart to heart, I am Kejraj!

Source: Era of Light

Message From Sananda About The Plasma Coming In

Message From Sananda About The Plasma Coming In

by EraOfLight

During a session with a client the other day, Sananda (who had an incarnation as Jesus) came in to talk to the client about what was going on with the energies. He said that there’s an important distinction with the energy that’s coming in.

He showed me a plasma-like substance. We’ve been receiving plasma for a while, but what he showed me was almost like a membrane. He explained that this plasma is PROGRAMMABLE.

This is really important to understand. If what is coming in is programmable, we can choose exactly how it’s programmed. We can choose which frequencies we want to program it with, what thoughts, what feelings, what reality.

It has no choice but to obey and then run with it.

What’s also fascinating is that at the same time, the outside noise is super LOUD. People are at each other, finding fault with one another, like drunks looking for a fight. This is because not only are we receiving programmable plasma, we’re also receiving codes that help us to walk in our empowerment.

Yet before one becomes empowered, they must let go of all the things that aren’t in alignment. This is very uncomfortable, and some feel the need to release that discomfort onto others in an attempt to figure out why they feel the way they do. It is always easier to be pissed at another, blame another instead of looking into ourselves.

We have to do our best to not get caught up in the distraction and stay in the state of creation. Creating and focusing on what we do want in our lives.

What was explained to me is that anything we hold within that is fixed must go. These are the belief systems that separate us or hold us back. These are fears, insecurities, lack, worthiness, and unforgiveness (of self and others) that we still hold within. We have to let these go.

Fixed constructs keep us from experiencing the fluidity of reality which contains the abundance and connections that we long for on this journey.

The plasma coming in is a beautiful gift. We can program it with all that we want. I will leave you with what Sananda said to me “You must ask yourselves in each moment, What am I programming?”

Sending you all love and big hugs. Thank you to all who read and share this work. It is so very appreciated.

Source Channel: Jenny Schiltz

The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, June 3d, 2019

The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, June 3d, 2019

Per Staffan

June 3, 2019

Your Attention is Valuable ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are continuing to observe, always, the changes that we perceive in the human collective, and lately we’ve been noticing that you’ve been taking more time to look within yourselves, and this is a change for the better. We notice that the recent energies that have been so intense for you have begun to settle down, and you have been able to settle into more of a calm and reflective place where you can notice more about what’s going on inside of you.

We have also noticed that you have grown weary of the constant bombardment of information that is always at your fingertips and that you are choosing more and more frequently to go within for your information. It is a time when people and corporations, television stations, and all sorts of advertisers are trying to get your attention.

Your attention is valuable. The fact that people want your attention should clue you in to the fact that your attention is valuable. It’s an asset. It’s something for you to treasure. Don’t just give your attention away because this over here is loud, or you think this needs your attention. How often do you find yourselves doing something because you come to a point where you just feel that need coming off of what it is that you are then going to give your attention away to? This is why it is so important for you to stay centered within yourselves.

Be honest with yourselves about what it is you want to do, what it is you want to spend time with, and who it is you would rather not spend time with. You must check in if you are going to be true to yourselves, because there are so many ways in which you can give your attention to someone who is simply very skilled at getting attention and then manipulating you into thinking that you need that person, or that thing, or that group.

So we are very encouraged by what we have been observing, and we just want to give you a nudge in a direction that we already see you moving in. We are here to encourage you to continue on this voyage of the inner journey. It is the path to the truth of who you are as a Source Energy Being, an Eternal Being of Infinite Light and Love. This is how we always see you, and when we see you seeing yourselves more in that way, we get excited, and we want to tell you about it.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Willies Truth Call Q&A Weeknights at 9 PM EDT

Willies Truth Call Q&A Weeknights at 9 PM


A HUGE WEEK OF NEWS COMING IN THIS WEEK and lots came in last week leading us into fruition in the coming days/weeks. If you missed what this means follow the last call in the archive link (below) and listen to the info-filled news that came in…BETTER YET JOIN US THIS EVENING!!

TONIGHT we will continue with the Q & A to get your questions answered.

*6 will put you into the queue to ask your questions and at the same time you can still hear the call. When it is your turn to ask questions your line will open and you may remain anonymous if you wish. Brother Willie does not ask for your name or where you are from. Privacy is important to all of us.

Come gather with us tonight!!

“Lots of energies coming in this week and continuing..so drink plenty of water and rest when you can!” Change is upon us but NO ONE has the exact timing of this release! Don’t give up though! Things have never looked so clear and so close then they do now! The best you can do for yourself and your family is to PRAY for the safety and protection of all around you along with the President, the Alliance, Special Forces, Galactic family and our Patriots working diligently to make this change happen for the world…and for our children for generations to come!

We know you are eager and restless. This is because you still have questions and a bit of confusion.

**GET YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED HERE!** Now is the time not after the change occurs and you don’t know what to do!

As we wait for additional events of this plan to fall into place, come gather with us to hear the up-to-date info of what is going on.

PLEASE NOTE: We have a NEW dial in number and REPLAY number below!!


Willies Truth Call 9:00 pm EDT Monday thru Friday
**NEW DIAL IN #: 605-313-5152 pin 814068#
**NEW REPLAY # 605-313-5153 pin 814068# or on website under archives.

Website: http://williestruthcall.com

We also have a new back up number if you are having difficulty getting into the call or getting charged by your carrier: 424-535-9172 and follow the prompts.



New Message from Yeshua: A New Day Channeled by Fran Zepeda 5-19-19

New Message from Yeshua: A New Day ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ 5-19-19

Audio: YeshuaNewDay5.19.19

Dear Sweet Beings,

This is a new day. Yes, it is a new day every day for you, but I am referring to a New Day, brought in by the New Light … Always and forever spiraling into higher vibration and frequency and allowing you to reach higher and higher dimensions.

Your divine embodiment is a delight to see. It is taking you to places that you have not been before, or rather I mean, to places you don’t always remember. For to be fully embodied with your Divine Self, to be fully in Christ Consciousness, is something you came here to do at this time, from a calling and an intent birthed many eons ago, yet, the likes of which was not ever fully comprehended.

Some of you remember us in the higher realms telling you that nothing will ever be the same, or work the same, and to be prepared for feeling lost and feeling like nothing is clicking like before, like nothing plays out the same, with a feeling of abandoning all that is familiar, and being thrust into the unknown more and more. Well, you have no doubt felt this, but now it is even more true than before.

Yet with this new phase, it is so possible to feel like you are dancing on this new energy, if you let yourself. This new light absorbs your Being, as you absorb it, and it is glorious.

Beloveds, take a few moments now to orient yourself to how you are feeling in your Heart. Are you feeling Joy? Empowerment? Fullness? Completeness? All of these are possible right now, if you let yourself absorb the New Light and dance on the new energy like never before.

From this will come a form of Peace that you have never felt before, and a new creativity that you have been wanting to experience. And all is at your fingertips as you touch the new energy and welcome it.

Integration time is necessary. And patience. And acceptance. I have talked with you before of discarding all beliefs and patterns that keep you stuck in duality. Well, many of you are doing just that, and it is opening up your energy like never before.

You are Beautiful Stars shining brightly, dear ones. Please know this. You are safe and vibrant in this new energy. It is empowering you to become more and more your True Divine Self. It is beautiful to see, my dear ones, so beautiful to see. I commend you all for enduring many difficult moments where you were not sure if you would make it. But you are emerging as your True Divine Self. You are integrating your Higher Self at a new level. And there is so much more to see and experience, beloveds!

My love for you goes without saying. Feel it now, beloveds. And feel the deeper love you now have for yourselves and for each other, even those you once felt separate from, or disconnected from, or who were unawakened. The world is teaming with bright lights of awakened souls now, beloveds, and as you embrace them, and even those that are not awakened, you feel a sense of deep Compassion and Oneness with All that Is.

Take a moment, dear ones, to ponder where you are in your journey. Are you seeing yourself differently? Are you accepting yourself where you are right now, with full and deep Compassion and Love? That is the key to your progress beloveds; this is a New Day and in that, comes full acceptance of yourself as you are and where you are each moment.

From this, streams and births faster and faster growth and embodiment.

You will find yourself, more and more, acting, speaking, Being, from the hearth and helm of your Higher Self, with the feeling that there is no longer separation between you and your Higher Self, and from that, you feel less separation from others and from others’ beliefs, for you are discovering the neutrality and non-judgment of embracing All just as it is, and allowing it to be infused with Grace and Purpose and Clarity and Harmony and Love, and transforming it to a higher dimensional perspective. It sparkles in the new light and is repurposed to higher vibration and frequency — energy that can be infused into all density and thus be transformed.

So, beloveds, I leave you with these thoughts and this energy I have infused throughout this transmission, to assist you in integrating this New Light and to bring you further along in this, your New Day.

My Heart is your Heart, Beloveds. My love for you cannot be measured, yet it is so True and All-Encompassing, and my hope is that you allow yourselves to absorb it and feel it and match it with your own deep Divine Love for yourselves and others.


Forever and Always, I AM your loving brother, Yeshua


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Copyright © 2011-2019 Fran Zepeda. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and share this message, (complete with the full and complete audio when provided), on your blogs and websites, provided that the message and audio is posted in its entirety and nothing has been altered in any way, is distributed free of charge, and credit is given to the author/channel: Fran Zepeda, and this copyright and links below are included, as well as the direct link to the message. Any other use of this material is prohibited without written permission. www.franhealing.com www.franheal.wordpress.com www.ouremergingdivinity.com

Image Credit: https://pixabay.com/



By Chris Donahue


We forgive ourselves and our fellow men for our complacency in America in allowing this great nation to be over-run with evil. We ask your Spirit within us to forgive us. Many times we have done nothing, while Satan’s workers in their attempt to rule the world have taken away the unalienable freedoms you gave to us.O God Aton of Light, Creator of the human races, King of Wisdom and the One Source of all, we rejoice that your Spirit lives within us.

We ask now for the Hosts of Heaven to come and stand against the evil forces. We ask that your Spirit awaken our Earth Shan people to Truth, and that they shall pray for this nation. We ask that all people shall begin right-living according to the Laws of God and Creation. May each individual be empowered to make a strong stand against the “lies” and darkness.

By working with the creative Power of God Aton within us, we believe that America can once again be a shining Light of Truth to all the world. We believe that this nation can be a people of right-living. We believe that this has already begun.

We order now through our God Spirit that all evil forces on Earth Shan be removed and cease to exist forever in Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda’s name—that they not hinder any longer our battle for freedom and Truth. We give the Lighted Realms permission to assist us in making this so.We ask for your protection as we confront evil. We ask for your courage and wisdom as we act, and we ask for your power to accomplish our mission.

May our original Constitution and our Bill of Rights be so re-established in the Republic of the United States of America. May the Laws of God and the Creation be established as the Supreme Law of this land. May we again become “one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.” We walk in faith, believing that this shall be done.

Fill this land and our world with your Spirit of Love, and Hope, and Peace, and Joy. This is our prayer to our God-Spirit within us, to God Aton of Light. We pray this in the name of Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda—and in Heaven’s sequence. Not our will, O God, but in all things let Your Will be done. So Be It!

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