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Below is a posting from FB Yellow Rose Group: I can’t share everything but will do my best to share what I can.

I was removed from FB so many times I can’t tell you all the crazy stuff that has been done to me because of being awake.

This last time I was completely blocked out of my account. It states that the Account is LOCKED. Why? Because I tried to use a secure IP and They did not like that, so it was LOCKED. Even that I knew my PW and all I could not get in. Then I opened my IP that they had and It too was LOCKED OUT. They trashed my Cell Phone completely. First I was not able to use FB on my Cell or Google Plus. Yet the other sites were not a problem to get to. So we do not call this strange. The other Confirmation before they trashed my Cell Phone was that FB when I did get it, none of the buttons worked. So I could not post or respond. Then I logged in via another means and they captured that IP so as to block my communications. I posted one thing then the POST button disappeared from view. So it has been impossible to post on my old account. When you visit my New Blog, you will note the similarities of the older blog. I still have access to my One Blog that is not associated with FB but as you know they are trying to shut us up. It will not work. Dad (The ONE) and Mom (Eve) along with our AF are doing everything possible to provide a safe and successful LEAP.

Be Blessed


YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE : ADDED TO PINNED POST … Its the subconscious, that .makes the choice. It is also only the subconscious that can remove your own seal ‪#‎YRFTUPDATE YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS

Alli Cat:

there was a post on G+ this morning from a Justin Naples – did u see it?



Its the subconscious, that .makes the choice. It is also only the subconscious that can remove your own seal. It allows another branch to seal you, again, without your conscious mind knowing who or what sealed you. That was the sabotage I attempted to stop, by informing the conscious mind of how it worked, & what choices were being aaked of the people to make.

(so, in the case of that guy, how will it work?)


Not sure. But the prior info received, is that if the id is removed, they cant go thru the gate. The router will rout them to the pot which goes to the pit, if they get pulled. If they dont get pulled, then the system doesnt recognize them as present, and they get deleted when the clean up happens
The third choice….
Is the Underworld families seal him, & he goes with them. But, it does appear their paths are cut off, none of them appear. Capable of moving forward…which again, means the pit

(you know people have their doubts now and then, it´s natural
have you ever felt that maybe you´ve been receiving misled info by the ef?)


Yes. Its taken a long time to reach a stage of decernment
The things that have withstood test of time, are what we believe to be the truth
For instance…we are leaving…
we are being divided by branches….
there is a war going on…..
enemy agents on the ground are visible, in our governing, religious, and monetary systems of Ur….

There are two particular branch fathers, The ONE, who is father of the branch of Man Kind…and An, father of Ur’s branch…Set, father of all of the underworld branches, els and owls




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