DEANNE ENNAED : Enki Vs Enlil Reptilian Nazi Gods : ISIS … Are we inadVERTently kiSSing SatanS 卐 green grass/glass lying ASS?





“Give ’em the old razzle dazz EL, razzle dazzle ’em “… Nazi Isis

The mint greenbacks and false EYE DOLLatry worship

causing the evil eye of ENVY






How G R E E N do you go?

Green with envy, or naive or sick or worse?

Much worse.

You could be kissing the devil’s butt for a favour.

ISIS below flaunting her JEW-ELs (EL the name of the devEL)

in all her glitterati and we know that “all that glitters is not gold …


Enki Vs Enlil Reptilian Nazi Gods




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