DEANNE ENNAED : The disappointing NEW WAGE BOW EL non movement : illusionists … NOAH … who they are





Deanne Ennaed

The disappointing NEW WAGE BOW EL non movement.

Truthers have sought the new age guru route at some point possibly to get rid of the high anxiety levels that are on the increase as the scum come to the surface and the cat is let out of the bag. Chanting peace and namaste doesn’t cut it anymore. I want knowledge and with that comes peace because the bottom line is, these archon ghouls, gods, angles will wither when you tell them to f*** right off.

Part of the afterlife show experience I think too – getting us used to authorities and royals and angels in costumes and PAN-to-mime Pharoah fairy GOD-mother dames (or demons) which we are taught to genuflect to without question – so when we see one at the end of the light tunnel, the last thing we will do is tell them to…

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