EVE PORTAL by GRuru Master Leap







EVE PORTAL by GRuru Master Leap


Sage and Thymely words … may the Love and the Farce be ever with us! Spread it around like melted chocolate! xxxxx

The Emergency Call Out Edition

The Prime Maternal energy has activated Protocol event COTTON CANDY FOREST i repeat COTTON CANDY FOREST

Rosifarian students are asked to put humble egos aside and realize you are ONE’s chosen. His elite your connections and fuel tanks are far larger than even your average Set creation … including lilith and all of Sets ilk … bask in the turbulence of your magnificence … find a quiet place and manifest love. Throw on a Enya tune or Kenny loggins whatever kickstarts your mojo and visualize the earth being wrapped in love and healing energies. EVE needs you … our sleeping family needs you. Go to your happy…

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