OM UPDATE : It isn’t simply our parents liberating is. We have to meet them half way






(talking about my personal journey the past week or so.) More on the self acceptance and accepting love and being accepted by others thing today. It’s all about bringing ourselves out of the stuffed places they’ve been in. We each are so beautiful a and connected with our hearts and where that goes. It has been so liberating sharing my heart even if I fear the consequences.

What I am discovering is that part of the delays and the sub conscious decision making, may have a lot to do with the fact that our allies and parents love and accept us so completely, sub consciously we’re so used to other being treated in other ways… It scars us… We reject going to them(the loving, accepting feelings… our parents, our home, ect.).

It isn’t simply our parents liberating is. We have to meet them half way for us(that’s…

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