YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE : They said the birds would be there to meet us when we got to Eden.









ROSE : I do know that Big Cat 😉 As for the memory, they do put
blocks in..for a reason. I’m not going to ask any questions on it, for tha
same reason. Word tonight, is the 8 are ready to pull all life in.


… Wow, crazy.. even more crazy
you know my cat 😉 any idea what or who the cat in the green robe
was? Could he have been Lirian?


ROSE : he’s high ranking in the AF. shhh


ROSE : we cut off the food and drug supply. Very desperate is correct. They were stealing each others remaining resources. In one fight between the eels & els, the general was watching and said they had turned ferrel. The eels were slaughtered..


………I was juiced again in a nap today…but it was me fighting gang…

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