CHRISTINE : So more time is being taken to Awake the people here to the truth of the PTB, and the realization that these REALLY ARE an invading species, not religious ‘demons’








CHRISTINE Saturn was one of the first vah’s the AF went after in the 2007 video Lies Nasa Told bcz it was Set’s HQ from which The Bilderberg group from Old Soul: There was a deal cut. They allow the Reptile races, called the Snake Families, to harvest humans for meat and drugs, and in return they get power and wealth. Any attempt to stop them is undone. The use of advance mind control techniques is used wold wide to keep the populations “dulled” to their response of what the PTB are doing. When that isn’t sufficient to halt someone, they Take them and implant and chip them. The shear number of methods that they have used against the populations is stunning. More stunning is the scope of the Group. There were Trillions of
them here. Installations between the 5 and…

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