Archangel Metatron Message: Light Influxes Offer Support, End Of Suffering

Archangel Metatron Message: Light Influxes Offer Support, End Of Suffering

Video by SoulFullHeart Experience 

Photonic light and PURE love waves are being experienced by many sensitive and awakened souls with many teachers, healers, light workers offering perspective about reactions you may have to them. Archangel Metatron (angel of ascension, bridge to Divine Source, explainer of esoteric concepts) offers a message of framing the waves as supportive and a gift from the Divine. He invites you to feel if part of you is ‘suffering over suffering’ in how you are relating to the ‘oil’ that may be pushed up emotionally, physically, and spiritually related to the water of love these waves provide. Spiritual teacher Jelelle Awen shares his message that they ‘co-created’ together. 
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