The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council: Activating Your Divinity Codes

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council: Activating Your Divinity Codes

Activating Your Divinity Codes ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

AUG 2 2017

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

There is no doubt that you are making the transition to the fifth dimension. There is only speculation on your part, and on the parts of all of us, as to when that will occur. You are facing the challenges that you have placed before yourselves with a strength that few of us who are watching you could have imagined, and we are very pleased with your progress. However, we have noticed that you have a tendency to be very hard on yourselves.

You have a tendency to believe that you should be further along than you are, that you should be able to manifest everything that you desire in your reality by now. You have a tendency to wonder whether you are going to make it, whether you are going to complete your ascension process in this lifetime.

We understand where these doubts come from. You are programmed to believe in something outside of yourselves, more than you are encouraged to seek out the strength within you and the knowing within you of how wonderful you are, how perfect you are, and how adept you are at handling the challenges you face.

We see you from the perspective of very loving teachers and helpers, and therefore we see your successes more clearly than you do, and we are aware of how much progress you make every time you face one of the challenges in your life. We want you to know how sacred you are, how valuable you are, and we want to help you to activate within you the codes for your experience of the Divinity within you.

There are Divinity codes that exist inside each and every one of you, and they are waiting to be activated so that you may understand fully and embrace fully your Divine nature, your Divine origins, and the truth that you are Source Energy Beings. Once you begin to feel that and live it, your Divinity will be undeniable. You will not be able to ignore the Divinity within you. You will not be able to suppress it. And to the contrary, you will embrace yourselves as Divine Beings.

You will see every obstacle that has ever been placed in front of you as a means to an end. The end, the very important end, is to arrive at the place where you are able to recognize yourselves as the Divine Beings who were able to access everything that you needed in order to move you forward on your journey.

Most importantly, however, you are meant to recognize the Divinity that exists within you, even when you are faced with your challenges, the ones that cause you the most pain and suffering. When you can see the Divinity within you in your darkest moments, that’s when you know that you have achieved what you came here to achieve. Ascension will just be an afterthought.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Source: Rainbow Wave of Light
Terra Zetzz 


Ashtar Sheran: Alert from our Spaceship Alpha

August 2, 2017
Ashtar Sheran: Alert from our Spaceship Alpha
Stay Strong and Allow Your/OURSELVES
To valiantly cross The Finish Line Together!!



Published on Aug 2, 2017

Ashtar Sheran channeling an urgent message! Let’s help Earth to be a better place! Get Light on this video.

Welcome to Light Hands of Light channel. Share this video to help your family and friends.

Our goal is to support Earth and Humanity to get more consciousness.

Terra Zetzz

The Mysterious Force that Guides All Life

The Mysterious Force that Guides All Life

By Garret John 

What if there is a subtle force that works like gravity – only it lifts you up towards ever greater heights of intelligence, beauty, power, grace and love?

What if this force is felt by everyone? – only most people never notice it.

What if this mysterious force is what’s behind all of human achievement?
What if it’s the ineffable intelligence behind the exquisite beauty of life – the spark that inspires unequivocal genius – that triggers unexpected healings – that evokes unconditional love – that works unforeseen miracles.

What if summoning this force is what lends people the astonishing strength or intelligence to overcome impossible odds?

How can we harness it? 

How can we cultivate it, so it fills our lives – and helps us transform our world?

Gandhi called this force, “soul force” or “life force.” Others call it love or divine inspiration, Spirit or truth or a higher power. It doesn’t matter what we call it – but it matters that we call it.

And when you call it – there’s a sudden visceral response – a shudder of emotion – a feeling of a powerful presence all around you. It might come with tingles, Your hair may stand on end, your body might shiver or quake – your whole being resonates – like a tuning fork. It’s like the ring of truth – is ringing you – giving you astonishing clarity and power – like lightning coursing through your veins – electrifying everything you do. 

This state of frisson and awe has been scientifically linked to massive increases in dopamine, higher intelligence, stronger relationships, better health – even greater longevity. It’s been associated with flow states, enlightenment, chi, the rise of kundalini – the Holy Spirit. People with debilitating diseases have reported that just by entering this state of frisson they suddenly “feel perfect” again.

Through this transcendent state of frisson and awe something miraculous happens – you’re smarter, stronger, wiser – you become a conduit for the hyper-intelligence of love. and lord knows We all need this more.

That’s why we’re introducing UPRISER Academy – the arena for you to amplify this miraculous state – and unleash the transcendent intelligence of love to elevate your life.

By joining Wayseer Academy you’re also helping us continue creating more frisson evoking, awe inspiring videos to touch the lives of millions – sparking a giant global ripple effect. 

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Your Wings Are Ready

Channeled Message from the Council of Twelve

Channeled Message from the Council of Twelve

Video By Higher Self 

Channeled Message from the Council of Twelve
August 3, 2017

by Morag

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