“The Sower, The Seed, and the Good Ground” by Ron Giles – 8.19.18

“The Sower, The Seed, and the Good Ground” 

by Ron Giles – 8.19.18

Parables were used to illustrate a Point, however, if one does not understand the Point, the parable has little meaning. So, what is the Point of the Parable of the Sower and the Seed?

The Sower represents the vehicle that delivers the Seed. A corn seed, is the thought of a corn stock incapsulated in the seed. The thought, therefore, represents the fully mature corn stock that produces seeds to continue the next generation of corn. Once this, Original Thought was conceived and created, it set in motion a chain of seed production that continues from the past to the present day. Is this perpetual motion/creation, that has continued from the original creation? If not then where did the original thought/corn seed, come from and why does it keep creating itself a new with each planting and harvesting cycle? Is this an example of perpetual thought in motion? I think so.

So where did the original thought/seed come from… and why was the parable given by the Master? Is there a lesson to learn that may be a Key to some really cool understanding? I think so.

Third dimension has a beginning and perhaps an end. All things in 3D were created somewhere else and projected into 3D physicality as a thought. The thought was focused upon by Humans, as in Quantum Physics, and the creation energy coalesced into manifestation of the original thought form. Thought then, projected into 3D, becomes the manifested stock of corn. Isn’t that how it works? Isn’t that how creation began and continues.

By observation and experience of the operations of biology, many questions have been answered that pertain to the propagation of plant life. The seed contains all that is necessary to produce the fully-grown plant according to the species of plant. The intelligence that accompanies and is part of the DNA structure of the plant is the divine infusion of life that continues the specie in the seed. When a seed is planted, the intelligence of the plant ascertains the surrounding buffet of energy and begins to plan the specific structure that will take full advantage of what is available. It knows ahead of time everything that the plant will become and with that plan it begins the plant creation to bring it into manifestation. It is the buffet of energy that is ascertained and the plant responds and builds the plant accordingly. It is brilliant pure intelligence in play, and nature takes it all in and produces the plant.

The sower represents the thought projected into 3D and the seed has all the potential to become the best version of the plant possible. Now, with all its potential it does need to be planted, and planted in good fertile ground. From the fertile ground it extracts all the nutrients it needs to grow into the fully matured plant that has the seeds to continue the species.

From the sower to the seed, it is a great plan but it needs the good ground to fulfill the full measure of its creation. But….and this is where we come in, it needs the input from Mankind to complete the process. Collectively we are part of the Eco System of the earth experience. We are the ones whose God Essence is required to animate and complete the natural process of the earth experience. We were told in the Garden to go forth and multiply and replenish the earth with our presence that completed the Human Eco system we call Earth. It is the basic plan of creation and we are key to its success. What a key factor we play in this earth 3D experience.

How are we holding up our responsibility as the key player in creation? Truth is we are working the plan and are, and will continue to fulfill, the full measure of our creation. The full awareness of who we are and what our purpose is, alludes us because of the veil of forgetfulness over our minds, but as a specie we are right on track with the plan and are doing just fine in our stewardship-we just don’t know it.

The next phase of our stewardship responsibility is unfolding right before our very eyes. The Alliance is preparing the ground to receive the fertile seeds that will bring about the newness of life that is called, the Golden Age of Mankind. As the earth and its, Human kind, we have survived all that the controllers could throw at us and are moving into the reclaiming of our birthright and recreating the earth into a New Earth. We have never been alone in this endeavor and now that the time is right, the Heavens are pouring out the redemption energy that will bring us back to the 5D experience we call home. Our charge to multiply and replenish the earth has now taken on a new meaning. No longer will we sit by and watch the bad actors destroy everything good. We are taking back the ownership of the earth and once again restoring our stewardship responsibilities. We get to throw off the shackles and bring our loved ones out of bondage and despair and set a new course to our home in 5D. It is our privilege to bring about the ascension energy that will take us home. We get to repair the horrendous damage done by the Cabal by bringing relief and joy to the masses. We are the ones they and we have been praying for. The battlefield is being cleaned and readied for our work to begin. We will have no need for armor or shields as the Alliance is cleaning up the troubled spots and leaving the battleground safe and fertile for us to do our work. The plan is in place and is marching us along the path to where we begin our loving activities. It is a coordinated approach to the successful completion of the, demise of the old and the creation of the new.

The Sower is prepared, we are the Seeds that will continue the glory of our specie. When the Ground is prepared we will spread ourselves over the whole earth and do our work of love for our brothers and sisters. We will mature into the fullness of why we were created and feed all the hungry and poor, clothe those without clothing and provide shelter where loving families can flourish. We are part of solution and will not stop until all is in place and all are taken into the loving arms of our Creator we call home.

I have a dream, I can see what God will do. God is our strength and our guide, our beacon and way shower to get us home. I have great faith in this process and plan, and encourage all to stay the course. We are nearly home.

Love and Light, WWG1WGA

Ron Giles
Terra Zetzz


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