Willie’s Truth Call Replays for this Week

Willie’s Truth Call Replays for this Week
I believe we can all feel there is change coming. When…. is yet to be determined but if you have eyes to see and ears to hear the change is quite noticeable!

****OUTSTANDING CALLS this week!!**** The news and information that came forward helped put the pieces of the plan together even though there were some twists and turns as the week progressed. We can tell many of you are awakening and this comes easier as you tune into hearing the logic and TRUTH! Your questions are coming from within and you are now learning that this journey is not about the money although we all will experience true wealth….the abundance is within YOU!!

Another good sign is the news being released is lessened. This is a great time to go outdoors and connect with Mother Gaia and nature all around you. Feel the greatness of her! The crispness in the air is really something to take in.

If you are needing to fill the gap of time you have today and through the week, below is the link to Willies Truth Call website and archives to listen to his playback calls. The website is full of TRUTH AND FACTS! Get yourself prepared and educated before the full disclosures are released. It will make your understanding easier if this information is foreign to you. We invite you to share it with your family and friends alike so they too will have an easier acceptance as we move closer to the event. Full disclosure will be hard on many especially if they have not tuned into the soft disclosures being implemented to help awaken our loved ones. Put your ear buds in, take a walk and listen for hours to the replays and connect at the same time!!!

Willie’s Truth Call 9:00 pm EDT Monday thru Friday

641-715-3570 pin 814068#
Back up number if you are having difficulty getting into the call or getting charged by your carrier: 206-451-6059 and follow the prompts.

# 641-715-3579 pin 814068# or on the website under archives. http://www.williestruthcall.com/daily-call-archive/

Website: http://williestruthcall.com

Exciting days are coming!!!! Come gather with us Monday-Friday night at 9 pm EDT and be part of our loving family!
Terra Zetzz 


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