A New Spiritual World by the Andromedans

Era of Love on the Earth

by Natalie Glasson

2012 marked the beginning of the Era of Love on the Earth, a time and process of spiritual significance when every person consciously or unconsciously begins to devote their energies, thoughts, efforts and spirituality to acting, reacting and existing as love. As each person individually creates a reality of love for themselves through the recognition of love within their souls, so these realities will merge allowing much healing to take place in all levels of our beings and all aspects of the world.

Even today the Era of Love is still being created upon the Earth, the more people devote themselves to the creation of love both within and outside of their beings the more we will all notice blissful loving experiences manifesting upon the Earth. We will notice everyone’s perspective slowly shifting from me to we and from the desire for power to the desire for unconditional love and sharing.

The smallest realisation that love exists within you and that you have an abundance of love to share with all will aid the ascension of humanity and create heaven on Earth. During the Era of Love, the Creator is also inviting all to master the art of self-love, which when present is the most powerful healer to any feeling or situation. Self-love is to love yourself unconditionally whatever you do, however, you act or whatever you say or think. It is to love yourself free from judgment or criticism, realising that you are always loved and you eternally are a manifestation of love, whether you realise it or not. Self-love begins with the affirmation, ‘I love myself unconditionally, I am love.’ Every soul is being encouraged to love themselves and all of humanity equally, powerfully and unconditionally.

Much energy is anchoring from the inner planes and the Creator’s universe to support the Earth’s transition into love, which may take several more years. When humanity begins to notice the greater presence of love upon the Earth and within each person then the Earth will move into the next phase of its ascension; the Era of Remembrance. It is through love that each soul upon the Earth will remember their truth and the essence of the Creator more completely than ever before. It will be as if the mysteries of the Creator’s universe have been revealed and all questions will be answered. This remembrance can only take place if humanity first creates a foundation of love within themselves and their realities, which will create the most appropriate vibration for understanding and knowingness to dawn within all.

It is important at this time to imagine yourself as a beacon of love and to send love into your reality constantly, these simple practices are sufficient to support the manifestation of the Era of Love. It is also advisable to focus upon that which you wish to experience both physically and spiritually in your reality. Your focus will be magnified by the love you create and formed from love ensuring all your manifestations are appropriate for your ascension.

Everything you are is now being amplified by the light and love of the Creator this means that any negative thoughts, emotions, beliefs or experiences you are holding onto will be magnified. It is important to let go of unneeded energy and cleanse yourself on all levels of your being. This may take time, persistence and dedication as you continue to move through layers of your energy releasing and cleansing all which no longer serves you. Any guide can be called upon to assist you with cleansing your being however it is advisable to call upon Lady Nada Chohan of the 8th Ray of Light as her soul and her ray of light are focused completely on cleansing your entire being to manifest the essence of your soul.

The vibration of the Earth and humanity is rising and we have so many Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Archangels and wise light beings supporting our journey through these spiritual magnificent times of greater self, soul and Creator awareness.

Let yourself become love and let yourself share the love!

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