We are each an extension of our Higher-self, who is connected to our Creator – The ONE and Eve. My journey has be arduous as has many of yours. I became aware of the Avatar I existed in back in my early years in this incarnation. I never felt quite part of it all and things just did not seem right. Something was terribly wrong and I wasn’t sure why I was here and wanted desperately to get out and be back home with Mom and Dad in Heaven.

Through the years there was much learning and programing going on but I could not swallow the BS that was being fed to me so I like many Hippies, have been classified as a rebel.

I followed the New Age Movement for years, yet something was not quite right about it. I had always asked why do people have to pay for this knowledge that God or Creator should have made known to all.

I listened to New Age Gurus and found their lies to be deep and many. I was discouraged at every turn almost, but My Higher-self would not allow me to falter. I was shown the path by hands unseen, by voices from loved ones who have crossed over. I was shown signs and visions. It made my transition to my reality a most welcomed awakening. So I will share with you the lessons I have learned along the way and perhaps these will resonate with you as well.


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