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Can you handle the Truth? I hope so. For what I plan to share with you is mind blowing and can be disturbing to many. I am not into fear porn so this is a trip down the rabbit hole that is much like a roll-a-coaster ride so hold on to your seat-belts and like it has been disclosed to us many times, especially by Bill Hicks “This is Just a Ride”.

So let me begin your journey in Truth.

Truth has many facets, much like a diamond. You can see it from various angles yet it is still all the truth.

First I would like to share this list of videos that I recommend for your educational experience. This is not to spread fear but to awaken you to truth.

Many already know truth and have found frustrating at best to awaken others. If you have been watching SiFi Movies you will have see this one, but did you know that it was actually a Documentary?

Rowdy Roddy Piper Admits “They Live” Was Actually a Documentary. The Movie “They Live” the 1988 John Carpenter film was about a group of Elite (El Eat) Aliens that control human beings on Earth through a TV signal that keeps people subdued with messages to obey government, consume and stay asleep like good little sheep.

Here is a good Video that shows the screen grabs of his Tweet Proof:

This is only the beginning phase…

Normally I wouldn’t place such shocking information on this website. As I usually leave that for one of my other Websites:

We are now at a time, that it is crucial that you awaken to the truth so that Humanity can come together as one.

The Dark ones have taken over for far too long and rendered us as helpless slaves. Their diabolical and Evil plans for Humanity is beyond your worst nightmares.

I am placing a video here to give you an introduction of sorts to Q-Anon.

Who is Q? This is a mute point as far as I can say. He has proven all along that he is correct, from all that has been posted since the first time Q made their appearance on 4Chan in late 2017.

Q gives us bread crumbs

Well if you are ready to venture down the Rabbit Hole or take the Red Pill let me be your guide.

I have several websites and two are definitely Red Pill stuff. Make sure that you are mentally ready to wake up from this Dream Matrix.

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If you notice at the bottom of all my websites I have several of the latest post from each of my websites.

It would be a great journey of learning if you took a full tour of each site. I might add that you may want to follow or subscribe to each site.

I don’t post daily so you will not be bogged down in updates.

I will never take credit for other people’s work, so sources are always listed and links shared to help you along your research path.

Thank you for visiting and Share with others so that they too may awaken.

Many great things are going on right now so be ready.

For those who want to stay negative and spew evil words at our President or Conservatives, they will soon have an awakening as well.

Pray for Peace and Abundance as it is just on the Horizon.

Be not affraid for in the light we shall all shine brightly and remember who we are.


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