7 Centers of Consciousness to Open Your Soul to a Whole New Dimension

7 Centers of Consciousness to Open Your Soul to a Whole New Dimension

Video by Higher Self 

7 Centers of Consciousness to Open Your Soul to a Whole New Dimension

by Simple Capacity


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Alba Weinman: This Session – Two Past Lives, the August 21st Solar Eclipse & Preparing for the New Earth

145 Alba Weinman – Two Past Lives, the August 21st Solar Eclipse & Preparing for the New Earth.

Alba Weinman 

Published on 16 Aug 2017

In this Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness hypnosis session, the client sees two past lives and his Guides tell him how they helped him in his current life.   His Higher Self discusses the importance of the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 and talks about the importance of losing the fear in preparation for the New Earth.

Alba Weinman is a Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist who has also been trained in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) by Dolores Cannon and Regressive Hypnotherapy by Aurelio Mejia from Medellin, Colombia. Her hypnotherapy sessions are for those who are on the path of spiritual awakening.

For more information or if you would like to schedule a hypnosis session in English or Spanish with Alba Weinman in Miami, Florida, visit albaweinman.com.

GUARANTEED: 3rd Eye Opening

GUARANTEED: 3rd Eye Opening: NO Headphones Version Binaural Beats, Isochronic tones, Third Eye

Binaural Beats Meditation – Therapy

Activate third eye and start seeing unusually pleasing visuals whenever you close your eyes and focus.

3rd eye activation can give you very pleasing experience, your mind will become very calm, stress free and you will develop super confidence.

This is the higher resolution version of the live streaming we did yesterday. Most importantly this version does not require headphones.
15 minutes practice a day along with open eye tratak on your own reflection can quickly open your third eye.

Live version ( not very clear) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuLg_

Take about 6-9 inch mirror, find a spot to hang it right in front of you, and this spot should be at your eye level while meditating. Close all the curtains allowing no or minimal lights to pass through. Light candles or a very dim light that you can just see your reflection in the mirror from about 3 feet distance.

Play the recording. Sit in a meditation posture about 3 feet away from the mirror, then stare at your reflection in between your eyes. To start with you can put up a spot on your forehead.
Stare between your forehead for a minute, try and blank your mind. If unwanted thoughts arises let it pass, take it easy, do not rush or force yourself. The key here is to stay very relaxed and very calm. Do not try and impose anything to your brain. Just let everything go.

Your aim here is to just focus between your eyes without thinking of anything but the spot on your forehead.

During practice, all you would be able to see at some point is just the spot you are staring at and nothing else.

Close your eyes after about 30 seconds to a minute and with your closed eyes try and visualize your face, find the spot and stare with your inner eyes.

You will be able to visualise your face for just few seconds to start with but with more practice this duration will increase by far, from few minutes to hours depending on the length of your practice and the duration.

If you practice this technique while listening to the recording I personally can guarantee a success in a worst case by 12 weeks.

You will be amazed by the new power, memory, concentration, focus, quality of sleep, dreams, pleasure, calmness and blissfulness you have. You will achieve lot more than I can list here and you will be glad you followed this.
Best practice time: Early morning and before bed

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk as with all my other recordings.

Pamela Aaralyn Explains the Lions Gate 2017

August 13, 2017

Pamela Aaralyn – Lions Gate 2017

Lions Gate 2017

Published on Aug 12, 2017

THE most POWERFUL Lion’s Gate Energy Activation just began, and will be in place until September. Come join us as Pamela channels the Lyran Feline collective for information on how lyran felines came into being. Find out what their roles and gifts are, specific characteristics on how to contact them and what they can help you with during this most vital time of awakening on this planet. Are you feeling depressed, stagnant, frustrated wanting to activate your life purpose and
spiritual gifts? This is what the Lion’s Gate Activation is all about- how to clear away negative frequencies and step into the power of finding your own Divine Nature. 

The Lion People also resonate strongly with all Christ Consciousness Collectives: a surprise collective will be speaking alongside the Lyrans!

Terra Zetzz

Ashtar: The EVENT Has started

The EVENT Has started – Ashtar

Era of Light: Mass Meditations 8/21 by KejRaj

Era of Light: Mass Meditations 8/21 by KejRaj

Mass Meditations 8/21

Greetings to All! I KejRaj at this time call upon all lightwarriors to spend more time meditating for the next three weeks. Be prepared for world wide mass meditations on August 21. 

I myself will be spending as much time as possible in nature for three days, from August 19, 20 and 21st. Join with your friends and family for meditations. 

Call upon the Angelic Realms, your Guides, the Ascended Masters, the Galactics, your Star Family, to join you, to amplify your energies, your intentions, your visions for the new reality on our world. All is Light, All is Love, All is Well. So It Is.
Source: Era of Light

Terra Zetzz

Opening of the Sirius Vortex: Embracing the Lion’s Gate

Tuesday, August 8, 2017
Opening of the Sirius Vortex: Embracing the Lion’s Gate

by Steve Nobel

The Opening of the Vortex of Sirius. By Lazaris

“When the Vortex opened it filled you with Light, a Light that will change, grow, transmute and transform you. Through it flowed the Light and Love that can allow you to transcend what has been, and to create what will be. It is through the gateway represented by the brilliant blue-white star Sirius – that all the energy enters your universe – the energy that is your very Soul and Spirit, the energy of your Higher Self…. “This is a time of new birth and of new life. It is the time of the grandest transmutation, the grandest transformation and yes, of the grandest transcendence that has ever occurred. The Goddess is returning and She brings with Her a Light, a Light that once lit, cannot be extinguished.”

In this transmission, you will once again connect to the energies of the archangels and to the grids of the earth and central sun. Within this higher light we journey to the Temple of the Higher Heart where we connect with the radiance pouring through the vortex of Sirius. As the channel Lazarus tells us, Sirius is the portal of the Goddess as She returns to birth a new age of enlightenment on the Earth.

Sirius is a blue star that is twenty times brighter than the Sun. Sirius is a powerful portal for new energies pouring into our Universe. The heliacal rising of Sirius takes place on July 26th. It is concurrent with the annual opening of the Sirius stargate known as the Lion’s gate – called the Lion’s Gate because the Sun moves into Leo at this time. The constellation of the Lion, guards the entrance to the Sirius Stargate. The energy of the Lion’s Stargate continues through until August 12th. The potent energies of change are most potent at this time particularly on the 8th of the 8th month. These energies are also available for us to use, at a less potent rate during the rest of the year.

Source: The Soul Matrix
Terra Zetzz

4 Signs Your THIRD EYE Center is ACTIVATED

4 Signs Your THIRD EYE Center is ACTIVATED

By Josie Grouse 

Published on Jul 18, 2017

Love and light to all!
Josie XO

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