Archangel Michael: 100% Sure

Repost: this was Orignally Published Nov 3, 2016

Archangel Michael: We Are 100% Sure

by Christine Preston


We are 100% confident that Trump is leading and the Press is being shaken to the core with evidence being released by Wikileaks and the FBI reopening its investigation of Hilary Clinton. 

In relation to the slogan ‘Black lives matter’, the black community needs to stop perceiving themselves as separate. It is that perception that causes problems and racism. But the forces of darkness, those in power have been repeating, suggesting to them they are the victims of persecution. They have created museum for the remembrance of a version of history that has been quite falsified, just to inflame hate in them, or at least dissatisfaction, so they will react and cause acts of violence. 

Most of the white population do not entertain thoughts of dislikes or hate that could be called racist. The situation had progressed after the influence of Star Trek, but recently, you are being fed with speeches that are trying to revive the old problems. People are actually more tolerant and loving than ever before. There is an evil agenda beyond this. Many attacks, even those that have cost the life of some police officers have been engineered by some mind control program. The truth is that the population welcomes other races, and colours of skin, more than ever before even blue, green and grey! It is in galactic consciousness, and those who would like to keep control but know they are losing it, have been telling the public many lies to manipulate opinion. 

The dark ones, those manipulators of the masses, this sinister force, have used skin colour as a tool or weapon to divide. They have worked on mind control by amplifying the consciousness of victimization in those people who have an ancestry in connection with slavery. They see themselves as having been badly treated by the white race but this concept of having been mistreated at the hands of the white race is only part of the correct perception to have about this. What they do not perceive is the fact they were slaves at the hands of a higher class of individuals with a superiority complex, an Elite in power which also mistreated the people who belonged to the same race or skin colour as their own. 

Kings acted as tyrants and even used their armies against the inhabitants of their own nation. This is what happened in England in past ages and the reason that I incarnated as Oliver Cromwell. It was to liberate the people from a rule of darkness. 

All souls evolving upon this planet have been enslaved by these dark powers, which have pulled the strings of the governments for many ages and the physical incarnation of which you know call the Establishment. The problem has always been a bondage resulting with hardship, and this was particularly true 300 years ago. The people were treated as if they had little importance, or did not matter. The nature of the problem, or the way in which the anarchy was experienced, has always been social or related to class or poverty, or lack of money. I will not address other problems which are related to ideologies such as those related to extremist ones also due to a manipulation of minds and beliefs. There has been a vacuum of ignorance and misinterpretations concerning some religious legacies, so the solution is indeed to create a safe haven by more control over the borders. 

In general, all problems have been created by the control agenda of the Elite few, who have kept mankind captive. We are putting a stop to that now. 

As soon as Donald Trump is President there will be a reversal of those evil forces and their influence in the whole world. He is running for office with the backup of the Galactic Federation of Light, and working to restore conditions which will bring prosperity to the American nation, and peace will be born from that.


Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles 11-28-17

Diamond Encoded Frequencies, Energy Report

Published on Nov 28, 2017

By : Tiffany Stiles

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Tiffany is a Metaphysical Life Coach, Starseed, Guide, Intuitive Psychic Empath

Tiffany’s Facebook Page:

Dear Beautiful Souls!

Diamond encoded frequencies are flowing in on cosmic energy waves now. Diamond frequencies cut through old programs, and bring about new perspectives.

Diamond frequencies also initiate upgrades to your DNA/RNA by activating the magnetite in the brain. These are tiny, highly magnetic crystals that interface with cosmic energy, and Earth’s electromagnetic field. There are specific diamond code frequencies that you have chosen that only resonate with your specific interfacing as these are being downloaded to you. There are certain codes that come in at different times that activate specific things within the upgraded DNA. Sometimes these can be number codes, geometric shapes, or sound frequency.

As this Energy moves through, it interrupts sleep patterns, and turns on active dream state, either during REM, or during meditation. Many have reported very weird and vivid dreams/visions lately, including myself. If you’re one who rarely remembers your dreams, you’ll remember these ones!

There’s plenty of work being done in the astral plane as well… all the time, whether one is aware of this work or not. There are several timelines emerging, overlapping, collapsing and converging… eventually into a brand new one. As this happens, it creates a great deal of confusion for many. Arguments ensue over what has happened, or not. What was real in the past, or not. Talks over The Mandela Effect go on for hours. One needs to realize, each is in their own reality, based on their own dominant vibrational frequency output. Whichever vibrational frequency you are vibrating at, is the reality in which you will align to… Period.

As some focus on keeping their vibrational frequency high, they align to the new higher timelines emerging in 5D and higher. While others may remain in a negative feedback loop, unable to break free of false programming align to the old 3D timeline. And they are quite happy there unwilling to accept change, or step outside of their comfort zones to grow and evolve. Know this is okay, and this is the path certain ones have chosen. All is as it should be. The work that is being done is more focused on self and not others. In fact, when you reach a certain level of growth, it is the furthest from your mind what others are doing. You just BE and accept each as they are.

Many have also reported that they feel invisible to others. Others bump into them as if they’re not seen. I have had this type of thing occur as well with people I didn’t even know sitting down at my table at a restaurant. They didn’t even see me until another friend spoke to me and brought me into their reality. This is the difference between dimensional vibrational frequency. Many are also reporting beating addictions. The cravings are gone.. just like that as this last upgrade took place over the 11:11 portal. Many are gaining the clarity that lacked in the past now. Their paths are clear, and they know exactly what they have to do. As we move higher on the vibrational frequency scale, we need to rely more on our Intuitive Guidance from our higher selves. Discernment in energy is key, as the dimensional realms open up to you. Seeking within, and not outside of your higher self will always give you the clarity and best guidance for you. Your Angels and Guides are always here to assist you on your path. The Archangels align with you to assist you on your soul mission and journey.

The forerunners share to plant seeds, to reAWAKEN codes, to bring glimpses of your authenticity to the forefront. To guide you along the way and let others know they are not alone. Now the second wavers are stepping forth, planting seeds, sharing, supporting and guiding, which I’m delighted to see! The time is now for the second wavers to begin shining their light in their own authenticity to continue to guide the next waves awakening.

As we continue to move through the evening, (it’s currently 5:19pm here) the photon energy is mixing with the diamond frequencies. This will bring on sleep, relaxation, laziness and a not wanting to interact with anyone as these upgrades take place. A nice warm bath, with Himalayan sea salts, your favorite essential oils, and a clear quartz crystal will aide in the energy moving through while revitalizing your energy, and clearing it. IN-joy and just Be & breathe. All is as it should be. If you’re just waking in the other side of the world, a good grounding session will be in order today. This will start your day off in a balanced and relaxed state of being.

Much love,
Tiffany ❣️💝❣️

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