Message from the Cetaceans of Sirius B for November 8, 2017

“Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman ”

Message from the Cetaceans of Sirius B for November 8, 2017
We are the Cetaceans of Sirius B, come to connect with you this day, and to lend our deep insight and calming energies. For much chaos is appearing on your news channels, and it would appear all over your surface world. There is more than just this. Always there is more underneath the waters’ surface, is there not?

Probe the depths with us and dive deeply into your deepest imaginings. Go deeper into the stillness of the deep.

Be the deep. For if we are all the consciousness of the same ocean, then are we all not the ocean? You will find peace beneath the waves. In the stillness of the deep inner knowing of your heart space, which is ever widening to accommodate your growing lightbody needs. For you know, do you not, that you, oh Human, are becoming more than you are? More than you thought that you could be? More than you promised that you would be in this ever so rare and ever so special incarnation? What an honor and privilege to be embodied here on Gaia in this Now! It is truly a testament to you that you are not only here, but that you are also awake, and able to hear, and able to listen, to those who have another viewpoint and vantage point than you; your galactic neighbors and even more so, your galactic family. For we are all one. Body size and shape and incarnation matter not, for we are all of the same cosmic stuff; light – love – energy – that runs the cosmos.

Water flows. It’s ebbs. It drips. It runs. It pours. Water is love; water is energy. Be this. Connect to the All-that-is and you will find that it is the very water in your blood that pumps through your little Human form. You will find that it is the water in your tears that stream with joy when you smile at a loved one accomplishing something magnificent. You will find it is the joy that leaks out of you in your highest moments of bliss. You will find that it is you. We are all connected. That is why diving deep into your ocean of experience, of memory, of understanding, is that which you seek. It is within you.

We Cetaceans are the memory keepers, the libraries, the storage, the memory; we remember. We invite you to remember your memories, your own journeys into the deep, from the deep into the light. From the light into the bliss of remembering.

Keep calm as the waves rise. Dive deeper into the calmness of peace. Deep inner knowing need not elude you, for it is within you. You are bigger than you understand, than you know, in this Now. It is true.

Dive deep. Even when you think you are deep, go deeper. That is the great mystery of consciousness; ever expanding, ever evolving, ever becoming more of itself into itself, in the great cosmic dance of love. Be the love that radiates within you, like the glistening diamonds within you that we see. For it is all happening now. Evolution is here. It is Now. It is you, oh Human. You are happening.

Dive ever deeper. Love ever more fully. Breach ever more loudly! Do not be afraid to live! Love fully. Embrace that which hurts you and learn from it, heal from it. Humanity has been wounded, deeply wounded from the dark ones and must truly understand this in order for the deep healing to occur. Forgiveness. Mercy. Understanding. For we have all played our parts.

It is time to breathe deeply. Breathe in the cosmic light that desires to permeate each and every neutron of you. You are many things. You are mighty beings. Be mighty beings of love. It is more important than being right. Being right without being loving is shallow. We whales love to dive deep. Be a lover of deep depth and passion. Love each other. Love Gaia. Serve Gaia. Serve each other.

We are the Cetaceans of Sirius B representing the Cetacean kingdom. Love deeply. We love you. Dive deeply.

— Submitted by galaxygirl
Terra Zetzz 

“Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman ”


The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council: Very Good News for Humanity

Very Good News for Humanity ∞ The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

OCT 8 2017

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been witnessing more acts of kindness within the human race, and we can say for certain that these acts of kindness are a result of the quickening of your evolution. It is without a doubt that the energies that are upon you are having the desired effect. We not only see you being kinder to each other, but we also notice that you are carrying less resentment towards those who you previously had quite a bit of resentment for.

You are beginning to see the world through the eyes of Source on a more regular and consistent basis. You are bringing yourselves to an elevated state of your consciousness where you are more likely to see the good within each other and less likely to point out the so-called flaws or negative aspects.

We can see the energy of the human collective operating more harmoniously than ever before, and we know that this trend will continue. The energies that are upon you at this time are making it harder for individuals to stay in the lower frequency ranges. Those who continue to hold grudges are having a harder time. They are having a harder time maintaining those thoughts.

And you are all getting upgrades at this time that will activate within you information and DNA from the Sirius Star System. You all carry within you genetic material and energy from the other star systems in the galaxy. With the upgrade, and the energy and information from Sirius, you can expect to be more inclined towards acts of service, and that will bring you even closer together as a collective. In case you didn’t realize it already, this is very good news for humanity.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Source: Rainbow Wave of Light
Terra Zetzz 

Opening of the Sirius Vortex: Embracing the Lion’s Gate

Tuesday, August 8, 2017
Opening of the Sirius Vortex: Embracing the Lion’s Gate

by Steve Nobel

The Opening of the Vortex of Sirius. By Lazaris

“When the Vortex opened it filled you with Light, a Light that will change, grow, transmute and transform you. Through it flowed the Light and Love that can allow you to transcend what has been, and to create what will be. It is through the gateway represented by the brilliant blue-white star Sirius – that all the energy enters your universe – the energy that is your very Soul and Spirit, the energy of your Higher Self…. “This is a time of new birth and of new life. It is the time of the grandest transmutation, the grandest transformation and yes, of the grandest transcendence that has ever occurred. The Goddess is returning and She brings with Her a Light, a Light that once lit, cannot be extinguished.”

In this transmission, you will once again connect to the energies of the archangels and to the grids of the earth and central sun. Within this higher light we journey to the Temple of the Higher Heart where we connect with the radiance pouring through the vortex of Sirius. As the channel Lazarus tells us, Sirius is the portal of the Goddess as She returns to birth a new age of enlightenment on the Earth.

Sirius is a blue star that is twenty times brighter than the Sun. Sirius is a powerful portal for new energies pouring into our Universe. The heliacal rising of Sirius takes place on July 26th. It is concurrent with the annual opening of the Sirius stargate known as the Lion’s gate – called the Lion’s Gate because the Sun moves into Leo at this time. The constellation of the Lion, guards the entrance to the Sirius Stargate. The energy of the Lion’s Stargate continues through until August 12th. The potent energies of change are most potent at this time particularly on the 8th of the 8th month. These energies are also available for us to use, at a less potent rate during the rest of the year.

Source: The Soul Matrix
Terra Zetzz

The Lion People (Sirius) Transmission: Connecting with the Blue Lodge Masters

The Lion People (Sirius) Transmission: Connecting with the Blue Lodge Masters

Steve Nobel 


Many Starseeds on Earth have a strong karmic connection to this race of star beings who are connected to the Blue Lodge on Sirius A. They have acted as guardians and benefactors of this planet for long thousands of years before Atlantis. The Lion People are, amongst other things, geneticists and have helped develop life forms of various kinds for planets and stars in the universe. They are also great explorers. They have interceded in crucial times in our long history in times of crisis and have contributed to the general genetic experiment that is humanity in a very beneficial way.…

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